From the sedentary worker to the athletic

Our Studio

Pilates InsideOut is a therapeutic movement studio. This is the way we remember pilates originally being taught to us. 

Different to recreational fitness… We don’t offer group classes, or set programs. We coach you – this is pilates conditioning, and if needed, rehabilitation.

We’ve designed our studio to personally guide individuals  –  the sedentary worker to the athletic –through various combinations of equipment and mat repertoire according to needs and goals.

We know how your body should move…

We each have almost 30 years’ experience practising and teaching pilates.

Pilates InsideOut studio sessions are more than an exercise session…

We help individuals access the core, re-balance musculature, 

manage effects of stress and strain, build strength and resilience, 

and learn basic home strategies.

We are Rodney Searle and Jennifer Pohlman.

We established Pilates InsideOut on the Coolangatta-Tweed Heads border in 2002.

Proudly, we were the first pilates studio in the area.

Our pilates studio is at 1/8 Bay St, Tweed Heads. 

It is upstairs, with sunshine and fresh air. Sessions are restricted to 2-3 clients, with a time gap between sessions to limit client contact, and thorough cleaning of equipment in-between.

Pilates InsideOut is a Covid-19 registered business.

The true pilates approach will reward you with muscle control, increased suppleness, core connection, increased circulation, movement economy, and a clearer mental outlook.

Originally professional ballet dancers, educated in various styles of pilates, and decades of experience feeling and teaching movement – Rodney Searle and Jennifer Pohlman brought pilates to Coolangatta-Tweed Heads in 2002.

All sessions are appointment only, private or shared, maximum 3 clients. No group classes.

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