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Pilates InsideOut is a therapeutic movement studio. This is the way we remember pilates originally being taught to us. Our studio approach is different to recreational fitness. We don’t offer group classes, or set programs. We coach you – this is pilates conditioning, and if needed, rehabilitation. 

We each have almost 30 years’ experience practising and teaching pilates. We help individuals access the core, re-balance musculature, manage effects of stress and strain, build strength and resilience, and learn basic home strategies.

We’ve designed our studio to personally guide individuals, from the inactive worker to the athletic, through various combinations of equipment and mat pilates repertoire according to needs and goals. We know how your body should move.

Our pilates studio is upstairs at 1/8 Bay Street, in Tweed Heads, with sunshine and fresh air. Sessions are by appointment only and restricted to 2-3 clients at one time, with a time gap between sessions to limit client contact. We clean our equipment thoroughly between our sessions. 


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Pilates-Inside-Out therapeutic movement studio Coolangatta

Established in 2002

Owners / Coaches

From ballet roots, educated in various styles of pilates, with decades of experience practising and teaching pilates – Rodney Searle and Jennifer Pohlman brought pilates to Coolangatta-Tweed Heads in 2002.

Rodney Searle

Rodney trained in gymnastics, ballet, and judo as a child and teen, then pursued professional ballet training under the Queensland Ballet, then at the Australian Ballet School. 

He achieved his Advanced RAD, and represented Australia in Japan for the RAD’s 75th Anniversary. At professional level, Rodney had numerous ballet works choreographed on him, and he was often partnered with some of Australia’s leading ballerinas. Rodney also danced and toured with the Queensland Ballet Company.

Pilates was a part of Rodney’s ballet training at the Australian Ballet School, under Andrew Baxter. He found pilates especially effective in rehabilitating various injuries and re-conditioning his whole body and mind for return to the stage. It was natural instinct to build himself a reformer and acquire instructor certification.

A True Pilates approach Coolangatta, Gold Coast

Rodney has pilates certificates from Pilates International Training Centre, Body Arts and Science International, STOTT Pilates, and Michael King Pilates.

He is also a massage therapist, has his brown belt in Zen Do Kai, and trained under Master Dana Goodson in Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Following an apprenticeship under a high-end furniture manufacturer, Rodney began crafting his own beautiful wooden studio pilates equipment – initially for our own studios, and for others’ studios and homes over the years.

Rodney’s passion is sharing the potential of pilates as it was shared to him – based on his background of discipline and technical training. He has extensive experience working with individuals from all walks of life – for remedial pilates, rehabilitation, pre- and post-surgical conditioning, pregnancy fitness, coaching elite athletes, dancers, and more.

Rodney has been teaching pilates in his studio, Pilates InsideOuton the Gold Coast-Tweed Heads, for over 20 years. He is a community-spirited man, known by many as a great hand, reliable friend, jack-of-all-trades, and beloved Scout Leader ‘Jacala’.

Jennifer Pohlman

Jennifer fell in love with ballet at age 10. She pursued professional ballet training under the Queensland Ballet, then at the Victorian College of the Arts, where she attained a Bachelor of Dance. 

Pilates became a twice-weekly regime throughout Jennifer’s dance training, initially under Craig Phillips, then Robyn Fynmore. Pilates conditioning played a predominant role in managing Jennifer’s chronic spinal and pelvic injuries, and in shaping her form for return to performance level.

So inspired by her teachers, and the positive impact of pilates, Jennifer sought instructor training in the late ‘90s. Jennifer originally trained apprentice-style, under Nicole Vass, and has pilates certificates from Pilates International Training Centre, and STOTT Pilates.

Jennifer opened our first Pilates InsideOut studio, on the Coolangatta-Tweed Heads border in 2002 – the first pilates studio between Burleigh and Byron.

Core strength, core stability Coolangatta Tweed Heads

In 2002, Jennifer became a #1 best-selling author, after Hinkler Books requested she write Simply Pilates book/DVD, which sold worldwide and was translated into other languages. She wrote three other titles, Simply Ball, More Simply Pilates, and Simply Stretchband.

No stranger to chronic pain, Jennifer understands very well how to centre body and mind, and rebuild the moving body. She grows increasingly grateful for her ballet and modern dance roots, as the ‘muscle memory’ of elegance and inner strength matures with age…

A seasoned teacher, Jennifer has developed an intuitive kinaesthetic approach she believes is because of her artistic foundation.

Her passion is feeling the purpose of movement, and finding ways for people to experience the fluidity of movement beyond restriction.

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